What is the most important part of digital marketing?

The most important part Of digital marketing is that you understand the terms digital marketing……What is the most important part of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is any marketing that takes place through a digital medium So the field is very big and full of surprises. Most folks refer to digital marketing as that marketing which takes place within the interwebs, and this includes

  • Websites What is the most important part of digital marketing?
  • Blogs What is the most important part of digital marketing?
  • The social media environment
  • And any other online environment where you may own, manage or rent online content

Now when we talk about websites, we do not only include those that you own but also include those websites like Google.com where you may be paying for advertising space directly or renting advertising space from third parties who place advertising within blogs and websites on your behalf. So this can be quite confusing to many folks.

At the end of the day radio, TV and electronic billboards are also digital marketing so think about what your question says about your understanding of the terms digital marketing, and do not get confused between digital and online.

Now online marketing, which most folks think is the only digital marketing there is a very different animal that has three legs and many different ways that these three legs are connected to the body of your online (read digital) content. These three legs are your digital assets, your intended target market audience, and search engines.

So these three legs support the body which is your online content. Which lives in your digital assets.

By digital assets we mean, websites, blogs, social media profiles, your paid advertising on other folks websites and your rented space within the online environment such as guest posts on other folks blogs or social media posts about you and your business by other folks who do this on your behalf.

The next thing that you need to consider is what is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, as there are three basic ways that folks discover your digital marketing within the interwebs

  1. Is by pure luck when they encounter a link to your online marketing in a web page, blog or social media post, then decide that it may be worth a follow. What is the most important part of digital marketing?
  2. Is through some form of advertising such as need papers, flyers social media advertising or word of mouth from their acquaintances, friends or family.
  3. Is by using a search engine like Bing, Yandex, or Google.

This is where the three legs of your digital marketing get stitches to the body of your online content. through your SEO efforts.

So the best way that I can explain SEO is as follows What is the most important part of digital marketing?

SEO IS tool kit that you supply to search engines do that they may build bridges between your online marketing content ,(read digital marketing if you must ) and your intended target market audience.

These bridges are the links in the SERPs or your Search Engine Results pages.

So SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all the work done by your entire marketing team both online and off line to ensure that

  1. Your intended target market audience uses your desired and selected keywords when they create their search query online
  2. The search engines index your online content and understand, from the tools supplied by you in the content and in page technical SEOi what your online content is about, and have a SEMANTIC UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR CONTENT.
  3. That your supplemental SEO within the social media adds to search engines understanding of the context and semantics of your page so that search engines may match this context and semantics with the context and semantics of the search query by your intended target market audience.

This is where the bridge building using your supplied information within you online content and supplemental marketing takes place allowing search engines to link your intended target market audience to your content because the semantics of the search query matched the semantics of your content, and the semantics of your supplemental marketing in the social media space enforced the linkages between the semantics of the search query and the semantics of your content.

It this follows the the most important part of digital marketing is understanding your intended target market needs and placing online content in your digital assets that satisfy these identified needs.

Digital marketing is this no different than traditional off line marketing, only difference is the medium used to convey the answers that satisfy the needs of your intended target market audience.

Sorry about the typos and extras, but my device won’t let me edit properly….

that you understand the terms DIGITAL MARKETING
Most marketing folks that I speak to do not really understand the terms digital marketing. This is a very serious issue, as there is plenty of parts and many different platforms where digital marketing occurs. There are websites, blogs, social media sites and many other avenues which each form a part of the big picture

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